Brew Review is the ultimate beer journal for your iPhone. If you’re the type of person that likes to keep track of the beers you taste, what you thought of them, and then be able to reference that information when you’re out shopping for more beer or trying to decide what to order at a bar or restaurant, then Brew Review is for you!

Brew Review also scales to fit your needs. Are you out at a bar and don’t have time to type in a full review? Just use the innovative Brew Queue system to take a photo of the beer label and enter an overall score, and then come back later and fill in the details. (Or just use the app to collect overall ratings. You don’t need to fill in all the details if you don’t want to.)

You can select your ratings from a hand picked list of qualities, so you’ll never have to struggle with trying to find just the right word to capture the flavors and aromas or the intensity of the hops that you note in your beer. Custom animation for each quality adds a touch of fun and magic to the experience of entering your scores, and the unique features of the iPhone bring your reviews to life.

Whether you’re new to the world of beer, or a seasoned pro with a wealth of beer knowledge, you’ll never forget the beers you enjoy, and more importantly, why you enjoyed them.


  • Rate and review beers in a clean and simple user interface
  • Brew Queue allows quick reviews that can be expanded later
  • Custom animations bring the score entry screens to life
  • Sort by Name, by Rating or by Brewery to easily locate past reviews
  • Store photos of labels to archive beer data

Brew Review is published by Cory O’Brien.