Arnold Made A Smart Beer Vending Machine

Arnie Beer Vending Machine

Arnold is an advertising agency out of Boston, and every year they do what they call The Make Project, where they devote $100,000 to bring an internal initiative to life. This year, they decided to take the beer that they serve at their agency bar (called Barnold) and create a vending machine to dispense it 24-hours a day.

The Beer Vending Machine (nicknamed Arnie) uses a combination of RFID and a touchscreen to recognize each member of the Arnold staff and walk them through the vending experience. Customers can also Tweet from the machine, see a visualization of the machine’s data, such as which day of the week the most beer is consumed, and learn more about each brew form the included ‘Alepedia’.

Arnold Beer

The first six beer the agency is brewing include the Arnold Pilsner, Oktober Fest, Kolsch Brew, India Pale Ale, The Alt, and a Scottish Ale, and they have plans to brew more that are “specific to seasons, events, people and even clients, inviting others at the agency to become involved in the brewing process.”

[Arnold – Beer Vending Machine]

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