Night Shift Brewing and Backlash Beer Create ONCEMADE


Night Shift Brewing and Backlash Beer are working together to create ONCEMADE, a project put together by The Pintley Company that aims to create a seasonal collaboration, pairing two innovative, single-batch beers from local artisan brewers.

Release No. 1 features two wild saisons, aged with Massachusetts raspberries and Brettanomyces Yeast in local red wine barrels from Les Trois Emmes Winery and California brandy barrels. Backlash’s beer—a pale saison with a pilsner and wheat malt base—is a minimalist 6% ABV beer with Nugget and Willamette hops. Night Shift’s red saison—boasting a complex malt bill that includes caramel, wheat, rye, and acid malts—will reach over 8% ABV and features Saaz and Willamette hops, as well as agave nectar added to the end of the boil.

Only a single batch will ever be brewed, for a total of about 900 two-bottle packages, making this quite a rare beer.

Beers arrive in a hand-numbered pinewood box, which includes a signed letter from the brewers, two hand-made wooden coasters, and a piece of one of the barrels. The beers are designed to be bottle aged for up to a year, giving them a complex and evolving flavor profile.

You can pre-order the beer now, though it’s only available for local pickup, or delivery within Massachusetts.


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