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StudioArdent Makes Beer Themed Boutonnieres

Beer Boutonniere

StudioArdent is an Etsy shop that makes custom boutonnieres out of beer themed ingredients, including hops, wheat and bottle caps.

Since each one is unique, you can custom order what you want, including the design above, which includes a cap from the famous Arrogant Bastard.

[Etsy – StudioArdent]

BeerSavers Keep Beer Bottles Safe And Fresh


If you’ve ever opened a beer, but then realized you needed to save it for later, or if you’ve ever gone to a party and lost track of which beer was yours (aka the wounded soldier) then the BeerSavers bottle caps may be just what you’ve been looking for.

BeerSavers are bottle caps made from food-safe silicone that fit over the mouth of a beer bottle, and are designed to keep your beer fresh after opening, and to help differentiate your beer from others.

They come in a multi-colored six pack, so each person can have their own color, and are both dishwasher safe and reusable.

Plus, for you homebrewers out there, you can use BeerSavers to keep your bottles clean and sterile before bottling.


EasyOpen Bottle Cap Redesign

The bottle cap (originally called the crown cork) has remained nearly the same since its invention in 1892. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement though, as this concept from Gonglue Jiang demonstrates.

Easy Open

Called the EasyOpen, it’s a bottle cap that features a pull tab similar to what cans use, allowing you to simply pop the top off if you can’t find an opener, preventing you from making do with your teeth, the side of a table, or a variety of other, usually destructive means.

[Via: Yanko Design]