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StudioArdent Makes Beer Themed Boutonnieres

Beer Boutonniere

StudioArdent is an Etsy shop that makes custom boutonnieres out of beer themed ingredients, including hops, wheat and bottle caps.

Since each one is unique, you can custom order what you want, including the design above, which includes a cap from the famous Arrogant Bastard.

[Etsy – StudioArdent]

Beer Bottle Lights

Trent Cody takes empty beer bottles and turns them into chandeliers, sconces and bar lights that are perfect for your beer themed home or business.

Beer Bottle Light

The lights, which arrive empty so that you can decorate them with bottles of your choosing, are available in styles ranging from a ten bottle light pendant all the way up to a two-tier pool table chandelier, and everything in between.

Plus, if you don’t see what you want, you can just contact Trent and he’ll design a custom light to the specs of your choosing.



Keep track of beers you taste in your own personal beer journal with the best beer review app on the iPhone.

Don’t have time for a full review? The innovative Brew Queue system allows you to take a photo of the beer label and enter an overall score, and then use the label photo to come back later and fill in the details.

Ratings are made from a hand picked list of qualities, so you’ll never have to struggle with trying to find just the right word to capture the flavors and aromas or the intensity of the hops that you note in your beer. Custom animation for each quality adds a touch of fun and magic to the experience of entering your scores, and the unique features of the iPhone bring your reviews to life.

Whether you’re new to the world of beer, or a seasoned pro with a wealth of beer knowledge, you’ll never forget the beers you enjoy, and more importantly, why you enjoyed them.


  • Rate and review beers in a clean and simple user interface
  • Brew Queue allows quick reviews that can be expanded later
  • Custom animations bring the score entry screens to life
  • Sort by Name, by Rating or by Brewery to easily locate past reviews
  • Store photos of labels to archive beer data