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Handmade Growlers by Tim Carlburg

Handmade Growlers

If you’re looking for a growler that gives your beer some personality, check out the work of Carlburg Potter, which prides itself on being the premier producer of unique ceramic growlers.

Made by hand in Montana, with American sourced materials, by a veteran owned and operated business, Carlburg Pottery makes growlers that are totally and completely customizable to each customer’s specifications.

Bomb Growlers

Their Face Jugs are inspired by early American potteries from the south, and each is hand thrown and finished with either a traditional rough bark cork or the 34mm bail swing top.

If you’re really looking for something unique though, check out the Uber Growlers. These growlers are refined pieces of functional art suitable for a gallery display, but are intended to be used and enjoyed.

Handmade Growler - Steampunk

Each of the Uber Growlers takes anywhere from 10 to 15 hours to complete and are often inspired and influenced by tattoo art, WWII airplanes, motorcycles, and steam punk aesthetics.

[Handmade Growlers]

The Bräuler Reinvents The Growler

It’s always interesting to see a company rethink a product that has been the same for as long as anyone can remember, which is why I was intrigued by The Bräuler from The Zythos Project.

The Brauler

According to them, the Bräuler is the world’s first tough-as-nails, customizable, lifetime-guaranteed, stainless steel modular growler system for breweries, brewpubs, beer bars, home brewers, home consumers, and grocery retailers.

Brauler Caps

Compared to standard glass growlers, The Bräuler is:

Superior to glass

  • Durable and safe: Food grade steel won’t shatter, chip, or crack
  • Lighter weight for shipping and owner transport

Better for Your Beer

  • Wide (1.75”) mouth easy to fill and clean
  • 100% light-proof; deep-thread cap holds carbonation and freshness longer
  • Unique machined exterior collar receives multiple accessories, including basic cap, handle, bail top, and a CO2-chargeable draft cap system

More Sustainable

  • 100% recyclable as a desirable metal
  • No loss due to breakage. Life cycle is longer than glass
  • Cools faster, cutting energy use

More Innovative

  • Low-cost, interchangeable cap system facilitates counter-pressure filling, pressurized dispense through a tap-cap, customizable on-demand brewery labeling, and grocery store readiness
  • Perfect for car camping and backpacking. Carabiner ready!

More Affordable

  • Cost is competitive with traditional German growlers and Kleen Kanteen
  • If you manage to break The Bräuler, they’ll replace it at no charge


  • Owners may upload laser-etched or ink-jet designs onto cap or sides
  • The BräuMaster Series features special finishes and handle treatments
  • QR-coded cap labels link owners with smartphones to brewery sites online and into social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and The Zythos Society
  • Interchangeable, label-ready cap discs are made of customizable, removable, collectible, Forest Stewardship Council-approved wood veneer

For more information about The Bräuler, and to get your name on the waiting list, visit The Zythos Project