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Label Your Homebrew With Labeley


Labeley is an online tool that allows you to quickly and easily create beer label designs that are perfect for finishing off your latest homebrew.

To make a label, you simply pick a label shape, give it a background, add graphics and banners, add text, and then download your finished design.

Labeley Brew Review

You can customize the colors and sizes of things along the way, and with just a little trial and error, the end result is usually pretty good! Plus, they have a gallery of recently created labels if you’re looking for some inspiration.

If you’ve ever thought about adding a label to your homebrew beers, or just want to play around with it and see what you can come up with, then head on over to Labeley and try it out.


Threadless Needs A Label For Their IPA

Threadless IPA

In August, Brew Review covered the release of the Threadless IPA, brewed by Finch’s Beer Co.

Well now they’re looking for help with the label, because they’ve decided to take it out of the keg and distribute it across Chicago in cans. (Finch’s preferred distribution method.)

Earlier this year, Finch’s Beer Company brewed us our very own piney, hoppy, 6% ABV India Pale Ale. Many happy hours after our first taste of Threadless IPA, we decided we can no longer keep this delicious beer to ourselves. It’s time to spread the consumption and enjoyation of Threadless IPA to more craft beer lovers. Finch’s is ready to send Threadless IPA through their canning lines and distribute it across Chicagoland. But they can’t because they don’t have art for the cans!

Threadless selects winners by popular vote, so even if you can’t tell the difference between Photoshop and MS Paint, you can still get involved in the action by voting for your favorites.

The winner gets $1000 cash, a fancy display case to show off your can design, and a buncha Finch’s swag, plus mad respect from anyone that buys the beer, so head on over to Threadless for full details on how to enter the contest.

[Threadless – Threadless IPA Beer Can Design Challenge]

Beer Label: Shark Pants

And the award for best beer label of the year goes to…

Shark Pants

Shark Pants (a fashionable Belgian Double IPA) by Phineas Jones for 3 Floyds Brewery.


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