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Pacific Brewing Laboratory Video

Pacific Brewing Laboratory

Pacific Brewing Laboratory, better known as Pac Brew Lab, started life as a microbrewery out of San Francisco, where brewers Bryan Hermannsson and Patrick Horn would experiment with new beer flavors, styles, and brewing techniques in their garage/laboratory.

Bryan Hermannsson and Patrick Horn

From their start in 2009, when Bryan and Patrick would give away their beer to a handful close friends, they quickly expanded, and are now running bi-monthly, totally free event with hundreds of new friends, along with a sampling of great local street food vendors.

Pac Brew Lab Event

Patrick and Bryan brew small batches that allow them to focus on constant experimentation, and they have been known to create exotic beer styles such as their Hibiscus Saison, Squid Ink Black IPA, Chamomile Ale, Lemongrass IPA, and Szechwan Peppercorn Red ale. Their ongoing offering includes Squid Ink, the India black ale, and Nautilus, the hibiscus saison, and their beers are now available in more than 60 Bay Area locations.

Pac Brew Lab was recently featured in a new video series called Meet the Makers, which gives a closer look at this unique brewing duo and the laboratory they’ve worked to create:

[Pacific Brewing Laboratory]

Night Shift Brewing and Backlash Beer Create ONCEMADE


Night Shift Brewing and Backlash Beer are working together to create ONCEMADE, a project put together by The Pintley Company that aims to create a seasonal collaboration, pairing two innovative, single-batch beers from local artisan brewers.

Release No. 1 features two wild saisons, aged with Massachusetts raspberries and Brettanomyces Yeast in local red wine barrels from Les Trois Emmes Winery and California brandy barrels. Backlash’s beer—a pale saison with a pilsner and wheat malt base—is a minimalist 6% ABV beer with Nugget and Willamette hops. Night Shift’s red saison—boasting a complex malt bill that includes caramel, wheat, rye, and acid malts—will reach over 8% ABV and features Saaz and Willamette hops, as well as agave nectar added to the end of the boil.

Only a single batch will ever be brewed, for a total of about 900 two-bottle packages, making this quite a rare beer.

Beers arrive in a hand-numbered pinewood box, which includes a signed letter from the brewers, two hand-made wooden coasters, and a piece of one of the barrels. The beers are designed to be bottle aged for up to a year, giving them a complex and evolving flavor profile.

You can pre-order the beer now, though it’s only available for local pickup, or delivery within Massachusetts.


Dogfish Head Noble Rot

Dogfish Head Noble Rot

Dogfish Head’s latest experiment is a beer/wine hybrid called Noble Rot, where 49.5% of the fermentable sugars come from grapes, and 50.5% come from grains.

The wine grapes are sourced form Alexandria Nicole Cellars out of Prosser, Washington, and the first addition to the beer is unfermented juice, known as must, from viognier grapes that have been infected with a benevolent fungus called botrytis. This fungus, or “noble rot”, reduces the water content in the grapes, which magnifies their sweetness and complexity. The second addition is pinot gris must that has been intensified by a process called “dropping fruit,” where large clusters of grapes are clipped off the vine to intensify the quality of the remaining grapes.

On the traditional side of things, Noble Rot is brewed with pils and wheat malts, and fermented with a distinct Belgian yeast strain.

The resulting beer is a saison-esque science project with a spicy white wine body and a dry, tart finish that pushes the bounds of commercially available beer.

Learn more about Noble Rot in the following video:

[Dogfish Head – Noble Rot]