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Vessel Hands Out Some Holiday Cheer

Vessel Beer Details

To help their clients get in the holiday spirit, Vessel, a “boutique, multi-disciplinary design studio” out of Chicago, worked with Southern Tier Brewing Company out of Lakewood, New York to create special silkscreened editions of their beers, with clever names like Yule Lager, Red-Nosed Reinbeer, Santa’s Stout and Hibernation Helper.

Vessel Beer

The beers were each packaged in matching red sacks, and included a special message of thanks from the team at Vessel.

Vessel Beer Bags

Vessel joins the ranks of Image Brew, Arnold and Threadless, who each released promotional beers in 2011, indicating that the trend of branded brews should continue strong well into the new year.

For more great photos of Vessel’s holiday brews, be sure to check out Good Beer Hunting’s sneak peak.

Dogfish Head Promotes Tweason’ale With Animated Gifs

Dogfish Head doesn’t do normal, so it should come as no surprise that their marketing doesn’t either. To promote their latest beer, called Tweason’ale (a gluten-free brew that features strawberries, sorghum and honey and was named after the transition time between spring and summer) Dogfish Head put together a series of animated gifs, also known as cinemagraphs, that walk through the brewing process in a very fun and unique way:

Beer Pour

The animated gif effect is growing rapidly in popularity, but Dogfish Head was smart to jump on the trend early and make it their own, turning what could have been just another marketing gimmick into a very effective way of telling the story of the beer.

Be sure to visit the site and watch the full series of photos for yourself, since I’m guessing this technique is only going to grow in popularity, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of it in the very near future.

(And for even more photos and behind the scenes fun, check out this blog post by From Me To You.)

[Dogfish Head – Tweason’ale]

Beer Gimmicks and Trends

Over at The Full Pint, Dan Becker has written a great post about the gimmicks and trends that are beginning to appear in the craft beer market.

Beer Gimmicks

These include corked and caged 750ml bottles, waxed 22oz bottles, canned beers, barrel aged beers, dry hopping, collaborations, limited releases, rye IPAs and black IPAs.

Back In Black IPA

While these don’t necessarily indicate the brewer is trying to cover up a bad beer with a good trick, it is good to know what to look out for when sizing up a beer, so you can be a smarter beer buyer.

[The Full Pint – Rundown of Craft Beer Gimmicks and Trends]